About the Forum

England is split into 9 areas. The National Forum has a regional forum in each of these areas. Each area elects 2 people to go onto the National Forum and represent people with learning disabilities in their area.

The job of each regional forum member is:

  • To Support the National Forum to do its job.
  • To bring issues about services in your area to the National Forum.
  • To listen to what people are saying in each region and see how the forum could help.
  • To tell others what is happening at the National Forum.

Each region has a slot on the National Forum to report back what is happening.  

The forum work is very important. It works closely with Government at a high level and is listened to very carefully by Ministers. Things have changed because of what forum members have said, sometimes even with announcements made in the House of Commons.

Forum members often have other work to do.

Work on the National Forum is not paid. The Government does not want to be seen as paying for people's views, which might be seen as paying for what they want to get rather than you being free to say what you want to say. They do pay for lots of the other work people do.