Focus on Abuse

Again this last month there have been more cases in the news about people with learning disabilities being victims of abuse.

“Disabled children may be less able to recognise or understand that they are being abused. Communication difficulties may make it harder for them to disclose abuse. Dependency on their carers may mean they have no-one to tell. Professionals often focus on meeting the needs of the child’s impairment, rather than assessing possible safeguarding concerns.” NSPCC 2014.

Friendly Resource have 2 fantastic resources which can help people with learning disabilities and/or autism understand what abuse is, what to do if you are a victim of abuse and how to get support.

The booklet called ‘Abuse’ is an EasyRead guide to abuse which is colourful and has lots of pictures to help people understand what abuse is and what to do if someone is abused.
The booklet is available for just £5 per copy (including postage) and we have discounts available for anyone wanting to buy a few copies.


Focus on abuse 2

Abuse is Bad is a DVD which educates people with learning disabilities on what abuse is and how to deal with it. The DVD can be used in one-to-one sessions, group work or in staff development. You can find out more and watch a sample of the DVD at

The DVD costs just £30 including postage. Every copy purchased also helps support vulnerable people gain leadership and work skills and helps people be more confident tackling abuse issues.
Abuse is still happening. Help to STOP IT, order your copy of the booklet and/or DVD today from

The Friendly Resource Company is a Social Enterprise set up by Speakup to provide employment for people with learning disabilities and/or Autism. We produce and sell lots of good quality accessible resources for people with learning disabilities and/or Autism.

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