Norman Lamb quizzed by National Forum

Government Minister Norman Lamb attended The National Forum's recent meeting in Telford.

The National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities welcomed Norman Lamb, Government Minister for Care and Support, to their meeting on 12 March in Telford.  Mr Lamb, the first government minister in history to attend a National Forum meeting, started off by talking personally to each person present.  He then answered some hard hitting questions from the forum about many issues including:

• The government’s priorities concerning advocacy.
• How people with complex needs will be kept safe in future following Winterbourne View.
• Future funding for the forum.
• Support for people with a mild learning disability.
• Housing and the “bedroom tax”.
• Changes to benefits.

In his answers Mr Lamb repeatedly stressed the fact that money is very tight at the moment.  However, he made a personal commitment to ensure that the Care & Support Bill provides the best possible deal for all vulnerable groups.
Mr Lamb said: "I am delighted to have met so many members of the National Forum. I was very pleased to listen to the views of Forum members and the concerns of people with learning disabilities, including those with very complex needs, who they represent. I am committed to continuing to ensure that the voice of people with learning disabilities, and family carers, is heard at the heart of Government."

Minutes from the meeting with full details of Norman Lamb's answers can be found here.

Please contact Lyn Griffiths if you would like to know more VoiceAbility’s work with the National Forum:

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