Reports of abuse led to home closure

It was a series of abuse and neglect that led to the closure of a home in Dorset in 2014, not simply the official reasons given by the home, it was revealed last week in a public report.

Purbeck Care Home in East Stoke closed in October 2014 when a Serious Case Audit (SCA) found multiple occurances of verbal and physical abuse against many of the adults with learning disabilities living there.

The 2 year long inquiry resulted in criminal charges being brought against a member of staff for financial abuse, where the offender made unauthorised withdrawals from a resident's bank account. Allegations of physical and verbal abuse were also investigated but there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges. Shortly before the inquiry began, a separate incident of prolonged physical and verbal abuse led to a member of staff being sentenced to six months gaol time.

A string of improvements were recommended but the eventual result of the report was the closure of the home when no buyer was found to take over the running. 

You can read the Serious Case Audit below.

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